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  1. He sounds like he was a wonderful man..on reflection,Id like to suggest the closing paragraphs of After Virtue as an appropiate reading for his funeral

  2. I think the sort of person who’d want Rawls at a funeral might think that the last half paragraph or so of that, too, was rather inspiring…

  3. I think Sarah’s right: the closing passages are surprisingly eloquent, given Rawls’s reputation as a prose stylist (though he was also capable of magnificent lines like his own description of his book from the Introduction, or wherehaveyou: “it is a long book, and not only in pages”.)

  4. That leaves one last conundrum..what passage from TS Eliots The Idea of A Christian Society would be appropiate?The only Eliot I own is the collected Poems and Plays..so I got Kermodes Selected Prose of TS Eliot out of the (meager) library of the Community College where (I try) to teach. The passages reprinted from Idea are excellent prose and..not surprisingly-powerful thinking. Iwill mail you one such as soon as possible.

  5. I am very sorry indeed to hear this. Ewen turned up at Magd just after I’d left, and I’d heard many good things about him. Only had the pleasure of meeting him once, but it was a real pleasure.

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