Patriotic Moment

I don’t often have patriotic moments, but my British heart swelled with pride when I read these words:

Figures from Mintel reveal that we eat a tonne of crisps every three minutes in the UK.

I think that’s a tremendous (multi-) national achievement. I’m not sure, however, that this is the reaction I’m supposed to be having.

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  1. I tried to keep up the tradition abroad, but I can’t find any American crisps I much like… And asking for potato chips at a bar is just a step too far so far…

  2. I wonder why it’s so much easier to come to terms with chips being called fries than it is to call a crisp a chip? I never had a problem with calling the things you munch with salsa chips, true enough, but the whole idea of crisps being chips or potato chips is really weird.

  3. Exactly right. I think it’s just a matter of familiarity, though. You see more about fries in American films and TV, and I think the dipping things are usually called tortilla chips in England (though I forget), but they’re not so big on crisps, so I think I just never got used to hearing or using the wrong name.

  4. “I think that’s a tremendous (multi-) national achievement.”

    Welll it’s a better achievment than killing x many Iraqis and Afganis per month (or year, or week…)

  5. Are you sure that sensation was your heart? The thought of three tinnes of crisps may have moved another organ nearby.

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