Patriotic Moment

I don’t often have patriotic moments, but my British heart swelled with pride when I read these words:

Figures from Mintel reveal that we eat a tonne of crisps every three minutes in the UK.

I think that’s a tremendous (multi-) national achievement. I’m not sure, however, that this is the reaction I’m supposed to be having.

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  1. I tried to keep up the tradition abroad, but I can’t find any American crisps I much like… And asking for potato chips at a bar is just a step too far so far…

  2. I wonder why it’s so much easier to come to terms with chips being called fries than it is to call a crisp a chip? I never had a problem with calling the things you munch with salsa chips, true enough, but the whole idea of crisps being chips or potato chips is really weird.

  3. Exactly right. I think it’s just a matter of familiarity, though. You see more about fries in American films and TV, and I think the dipping things are usually called tortilla chips in England (though I forget), but they’re not so big on crisps, so I think I just never got used to hearing or using the wrong name.

  4. “I think that’s a tremendous (multi-) national achievement.”

    Welll it’s a better achievment than killing x many Iraqis and Afganis per month (or year, or week…)

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