Ten Days to Save the Pound!

And, while I’ve got the scanner out, here’s a blast from the past — a William Hague-era Conservative Party pledge-card that I was lucky enough to be given…



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  1. I agree with Chris, but I also agree with Lorna’s second point – the random comma is unforgivable. No wonder they lost.

  2. Isn’t it strange how things change – the typography and general design look incredibly dated. Or perhaps it did at the time?

  3. I met William Hague on a Magdalen occasion not so long ago (who was enormously good company), and we were talking about various things. And when he said how much he disliked the way politicians repeat the same sound-bite slogans over and over and over again, and I muttered “twelve days to save the pound!” back at him, his face lit up and he said, yes, that was the beauty of that sound-bite: it was different every day!

  4. that was the beauty of that sound-bite: it was different every day!

    It was also utter bollocks, but I suppose that comes with the territory.

  5. CB – congrats on your new home!

    On the ‘random comma’, I think you may have stumbled on a missing comma and Freudian subtext, rather than spotted an extraneous piece of punctuation. The sentence, surely, with its comma restored, was due to read:

    ‘The Can Work, Must Work Guarantee will ensure that benefit claimants, who can work but won’t work, will lose their Jobseekers’ Allowance.

    Much clearer. The Tories were only one comma shy of coming clean, it seems.

    Still, let it not be forgotten that they are poised now to win the next election: Labour has a whole deeper than commas and apostrophes to climb out of. (The whole is about as deep as John Reid.)

  6. …having corrected grammar, I make a spelling mistake. Read ‘hole’ for the ‘whole’s above; and forgive me, having lived outside an English-speaking land for many years now.

  7. If twelve days to save the pound was bollocks, how about 24 hours to save the NHS?

    The party that made THAT promise won, remember?

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