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  1. Off topic, but I couldn’t find a topic it would be On, do you realise it’s almost exactly five years (14th September) since you “relaunched” this blog with the stirring words:

    And, with luck, the technology at blogger.com won’t frustrate me quite as much as it did back in June.

    Putting up with it for just under 5 years I don’t think can mean it was that frustrating. Maybe I’ll launch a ‘Brooke back to Blogger’ campaign for reasons yet to fathom.

  2. Michael — I think that’s the black cable that connects the digital camera to the computer, which is essential in transforming Andromache into an International Internet Celebrity Goddess.

    Matthew — My goodness: well spotted. But basically, that’s right. Blogger was really dodgy in 2001/2, but (as far as I was concerned) got much better after that, and so while it pissed me off a lot in that first year of blogging (when there weren’t obvious alternatives), by the time people were switching to Moveable Type / Typepad blogs (and so on), I was perfectly happy with what I was getting from Blogger.

  3. While we’re being off-topic, we launched the Lindsay Anderson interactive memorial thingy last Thursday as promised – it’s available here, and unlike most other things I’m involved with, it’s freely accessible to all (complete with video).

    And if you take too long selecting an option, you get abused by Malcolm McDowell, which is the sort of thing people used to pay through the nose for.

  4. Maybe it’s a New Jersey thing, but though your revolutionary banner is now showing, this latest kitten picture isn’t (on a number of computers here)…

  5. When I said “it”, I was referring to the photograph, which I can’t see, so I obviously have no idea whether or not it depicts a male or female personage (or felinage).

    (Aside from the fact that I’ve already seen it, but that’s a minor quibble)

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