I spent part of the morning tearing up old copies of the American Political Science Review, which is a curiously satisfying activity.

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  1. Michael @ 9:31PM | 03/09/2006| permalink

    Your niece spent part of the morning tearing up this week’s Economist, which was deeply unsatisfying as I hadn’t read all of it yet.

    Joseph harder @ 4:39PM | 04/09/2006| permalink

    judging by most of the content of the typical issue of apsr, Id say that tearing them apart is the best tribute you can pay to know, of course ,that the current US VP once co-wrote an article for APSR back when he was agrad student.

    Patchen @ 3:00PM | 05/09/2006| permalink

    I was wondering why all the grey-suited political scientists in the Philadelphia Convention Center kept stumbling around late Saturday night as though in agony, muttering about “a great disturbance in the Force.”

    (Of course I trust you didn’t tear up the lovely February 2006 issue.)

    Chris Brooke @ 3:07PM | 05/09/2006| permalink

    I was tearing them up in order to hold on to the small number of articles I want to keep – an average of one per issue – and dispose of the rest. You can guess which article I held onto from Feb 2006!

    APSRs are heavy when they gather together, and I’m moving offices…

    dearieme @ 3:39PM | 05/09/2006| permalink

    Is it an American Review of Political Science or a Review of American Political Science? If they are so cloth-eared about language that they can’t even adopt an unambiguous title…

    Chris Brooke @ 3:50PM | 05/09/2006| permalink

    It’s the APS Review of the APS Association, if that makes it any easier…

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