You could tell that Melanie Phillips needed a holiday: the Naziometer, which records the number of times the word appears on the front page of her blog had fallen to zero a couple of weeks ago. Batteries recharged, she’s returned to the fray, and the N-o-M is registering a reasonably healthy seven. (See the big number that appears on the sidebar for the most up-to-date readings.) I don’t think we should worry too much that all seven appearances are in quoted text from somebody else: it’s a good thing to take it easy for a bit when you get back from a trip, and I’m sure we’re heading for regular double-digit readings quite soon.

(There’s also four “Hitlers”, one “fascist”, one “fascism”, and, I’m very pleased to see, one “morally degenerate”.)

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  1. I make it there are nine up there right now, but the Naziometer will take a short while to catch up.

    Sometimes it’s best to make a manual inspection, because the Naziometer — sophisiticated gadget that it is — doesn’t record all those useful adjacent words, like “Hitler”, “degenerate”, “SS”, “decadent”, “fifth column”, and so on, with which Ms Phillips liberally sprinkles her prose, to the delight of her readers.

  2. Michael @ 5:18PM | 01/09/2006| permalink

    But for sheer hyperbole, it’s hard to top “The scale of this corruption now threatens to have a lethal impact on the course of human history” – which she wrote after her holiday.

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