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  1. Michael @ 11:49AM | 30/08/2006| permalink

    I remember his death vividly, largely because it occurred on the holiday he took shortly after presenting what was intended to be part one of a three-part retrospective at the Everyman Cinema.

    The original plan was to screen his entire filmed output complete with live personal intros to each individual film – but we only got as far as ‘This Sporting Life’ before the grim reaper intervened.

    (Incidentally, we’re literally a week away from launching another interactive online thingy involving clips from Anderson’s work – I’ll let you know the URL when it goes live).

    Joseph harder @ 4:44PM | 04/09/2006| permalink

    Lindsay Anderson was a rarity..one of the few very good filmmakers who was alsoa great film critic..i was especially impressed by his fine study of a dead CONSERVATIVE filmmaker, About John Ford

    Mark Holland @ 8:32PM | 05/09/2006| permalink

    Anderson’s O Dreamland is available to view in the FourDocs archive.


    But Anderson turns Margate’s gimcrack, fake world of scary Dreamland into a metaphor for the shabbiness of modern life.

    What a pile of wank. Why can’t pseuds simply film people enjoying themselves at the fun fair without turning it into some sort of metaphor for something or other. Usually bad.

    That said, his Wakefield Express film is lovely.

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