Pollard’s Friend

I’m a bit alarmed to find out that right-wing hack Stephen Pollard considers me friend for life on the rather shaky ground that I know who Adrian Slade is. I’ve known who Adrian Slade was for twenty-five years now, ever since 1981, when he was elected to the GLC in the part of London where I grew up. I shall have to hope that this claim of Pollard’s is about as sincere and/or accurate as most of the other claims that appear on his blog and in his other writings, as I’ve absolutely no desire to be his friend. Yuck.

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  1. Michael @ 11:59PM | 27/08/2006| permalink

    One of his commenters has started calling him “Sir Stephen”, which, quite apart from being patently deranged, also produces some distressing mental images that I’m trying to scrub from my mind’s eye. With industrial-strength steel wool.

    backword dave @ 12:18PM | 29/08/2006| permalink

    The flame war in the comments to that post is good fun. Shame that when I looked at the saner party’s blog, he turns out to be an admirer of ‘Power Line’ and friends.

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