Floyd Landis’s urine has been on everyone’s lips, on the tip of everybody’s tongue (apologies to Dan Savage for that one), and now it’s tested positive for the second time

Follow his heroic attempts to clear his name on his blog.

0 thoughts on “B-Sample”

  1. Michael Brooke @ 12:54PM | 05/08/2006| permalink

    Given that this case involves excessive testosterone levels, I trust all those involved are thoroughly familiar with this earlier saga?

    JM @ 2:33AM | 11/08/2006| permalink

    I think he dun it.

    (But on another note: we need Brooke-blogging on the astonishing foiling of the ‘plot’ to bomb lots of planes; and the absurd closure of airports; and hideous cringeworthhy scary ’emergency message’ of John Reid. I only recently saw V for Vendetta again, and the similarity was striking: unspecific threats, almost certain lies, and vast security manoeuvres that leave people curtailed and confused. Am I right in thinking Dr. Reid is an utterly nasty bastard? Or is that wide of the mark?)

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