Pollard’s Challenge

The ever-absurd right-wing hack Stephen Pollard challenges his critics “to point out a single example of an example I have cited being made up, or in any material way inaccurate”, claiming that “it is an outright falsehood to argue that I have made any of my examples up or been in any way inaccurate in the reporting of them…”

Here’s a claim Pollard posted on his blog this morning:

“But what of the 300,000 Israeli refugees, driven from their homes by Hezbollah terror attacks? The BBC does not consider their plight worth reporting.”

And here’s a page from Wednesday’s BBC website:

“Having fled her home in the city of Haifa an hour after the first Hezbollah rocket hit the city, Alma Herbst says she now has an emergency bag packed and her passport to hand…”

Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

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  1. Michael @ 5:33PM | 04/08/2006| permalink

    He also repeatedly calls Neil Clark “an apologist for mass murder”.

    I’d be the last person to hold any brief for Clark (who has more in common with Pollard than I suspect he’d care to admit), but I don’t recall him ever explicitly defending mass murder – the bee in Clark’s bonnet is seeking to exculpate Slobodan Milosevic, which is a slightly different issue.

    In any case, this is not an accusation the likes of Pollard (“I am a warmonger. I am bloodthirsty. I am rabid”) can put with much moral force behind it!

    Matthew @ 6:40PM | 04/08/2006| permalink

    Pollard’s claim is in respect to his criticism of the BBC, not generally, as presumably even he must realise he’s made loads of things up in the past.

    This is false,about the UN refugee person:

    “But what was not reported was the rest of his message: that he did not, however, know what or who might have been standing between the residential buildings at the time of the Israeli attack.”

    I watched that BBC news broadcast and it did show him say that.

    Anthony Wells @ 5:11PM | 07/08/2006| permalink

    Neil Clark has a new hobby horse now that Milosevic is dead. Hs is now busy defending President Lukashenko of Belarus against people who say nasty things about him:


    Anyway, Chris, I was waiting for Stephen Pollard to annoy you, just so I could bring up his lovely quote from November 2003, highlighting his masterful ability to predict the electoral fortunes of the Labour party (here – http://www.stephenpollard.net/001261.html) “Labour might well now be jeered, and might well be regarded with contempt by many who voted Labour in 1997 or 2001. But if the party’s majority is less than, say, 75 – and I’d be astonished if it’s less than 100 – then I’ll spend the next decade in Siberia shovelling horse manure with my bare hands. * Not to be taken literally; just an expression of the strength of my view…

    Alas, that final caveat gets him off the literal hook, but I still think he has a moral duty to spend at least a couple of weeks in the gulag 🙂

    (and ditto to what Matthew said. Maybe the report was cropped later, but I certainly heard that part of it on the BBC as well)

    Chris Bertram @ 5:32PM | 08/08/2006| permalink

    Does his example of a rock-solid investment — a bet on that horse — count, since the old nag finished 4th iirc?

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