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  1. Sarah @ 12:09AM | 24/07/2006| permalink

    …and now it’s all over…

    dearieme @ 11:55AM | 24/07/2006| permalink

    For the kittypic-deprived, Messrs Oxblog provide. CATS THAT LOOK LIKE HITLER: File under “Yes, there is a website for everything.”As the website explains, “Most cats possess that typically feline facial expression that implies a secret longing for world domination.” You can see photos of almost 200 such cats on this site. Enjoy.

    JM @ 10:33PM | 27/07/2006| permalink

    Not all over…drugs are still in the race, and will decide the winner.

    Sarah @ 11:29AM | 28/07/2006| permalink

    I didn’t know that then… It’s kind of disappointing if it was the day of his greatest ride that he was all doped up. Shame.

    JM @ 2:09AM | 29/07/2006| permalink

    It wouldn’t be ‘that day’…they are all drugged all the time. Let’s be serious about it. The game with cycling is total discipline to make sure that the masking and the timing of onset and elimination from the blood is maximally unlikely to get you busted. Not that they don’t train like maniacs; but they take drugs like maniacs too. All the ‘domestiques’ say they need to take drugs just to stay in the race. Chris will probably disagree, but the evidence is overwhelming that its endemic, surely more so than other high-level sport (except those that don’t care, like baseball, which is just crass).

    JM @ 2:20AM | 29/07/2006| permalink

    Voet: ‘Breaking the Chain’

    Random Millar: ‘Sad Reading’ (Guardian)

    JM @ 2:43AM | 29/07/2006| permalink

    oh and….Kitlers hilarious!

    Chris Brooke @ 12:49PM | 29/07/2006| permalink

    Chris will probably disagree…

    Why do you think that?

    (Voet’s book is great fun.)

    JM @ 12:40AM | 30/07/2006| permalink

    …well I have noticed your passion for Le Tour has not been tinged with bittersweetness. The only reason I am not more passionate about it – as someone who owns (or owned until three weeks ago it was stolen…too shocked to be hurt) a custom-built Chas Roberts cycle, and has solo-cycled the Alps (including highest road-passes) in various directions (including parts in snow…bad idea), Rockies, Catskills, all major hills and long-distance paths of Britain, and Himalyan foothills (which are higher than the Alps, and beyond which there are no roads) – is that I don’t see heroic sportsmen as much as heroic showmen who are fizzing with chemical drugs and thinking as much about race strategy as drug-test-avoidance strategy. It’s incredible, but it’s also weird, and sort of sad (c.f. Millar, Pantani). Bring back the baguette-scoffing maniacs riding steel machines that they fix themselves in forges of roadside blacksmiths. People forget, for example, that Lance won the Tour so often because he was obsessed with it, to the huge detriment of the calendar: compare Mercxx and Armstrong Giro performance. Yes, he is all but a genetic horse (almost like Indurain) in terms of bio stats, and this is what makes it all sad and wierd: they would all be extraordinary without fugging themselves up. As Millar points out, having won races without EPO, and yet still having the syringes hanging about.

    If there are any cyclists reading this that want to hook up for a few mountain stages, perhaps even a Huez-Simpson pelerinage, shout. No drugs. Except baguettes, if you are into that (I’m not, not on d’Huez).

    Backword Dave @ 5:24PM | 30/07/2006| permalink

    Jim Henley is doing some sterling blogging on the Landis scandal from the perspective of an American who hopes Landis is not guilty. On the other side, Tim F of Balloon Juice hates America.

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