Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho and the Wall Came Tumbling Down

Well, not yet, and the matter might go to appeal, but we live in hope. BBC report here; Oxford Mail report here; local(ish) Green councillor’s bloggerage here (though I don’t agree with him about the pub, which is just over the road from me).

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  1. JM @ 2:26PM | 13/07/2006| permalink

    Is the pub’s rebirth likely? It does seem a bit of a shame that people can’t get excited about high-qual enviro kit around them. It will have to happen at some point…that people want eco-cred and eco-cool in their ‘hood at least as much as they want ‘family pubs’. Seems very ‘English’ somehow: family pub (anything ‘family’ in fact) more important than eco-stuff.

    Chris Brooke @ 2:29PM | 13/07/2006| permalink

    No, I don’t think the pub’s rebirth is likely – but I’d like the authorities to make sure that it’s not viable as a pub, that no-one is interested in taking it over as a pub, before they let the owners turn it into four houses.

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