World Cup Final, II

So I didn’t have to prepare my “Only Zinedine Zidane can interrupt the inexorable logic of history” post, after all. But I did laugh when I noticed this morning that Le Monde‘s pre-match supplement had the headline “Zidane, la touche finale”, the words appearing just above where his forehead was in the picture.

UPDATE [5pm]: Make sure you read Daniel Davies’ tribute to Zizou’s headbutt over at Comment is Free.

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  1. dearieme @ 9:33AM | 11/07/2006| permalink

    DD thinks that the felled Italian was a striker. Traditional Guardian standards of accuracy, then.

    Chris Brooke @ 9:57AM | 11/07/2006| permalink

    Well, he scored more goals in the final than the real strikers, so perhaps the error’s excusable.

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