Laurent Fabius Watch

One of the Virtual Stoa’s French Affairs Correspondents writes:

“Following the long-awaited news on that other political Titan Tim Collins CBE, we present an update on Laurent Fabius, Chris’s old acquaintance who is, twenty years after he stopped being French prime minister, seeking to be the Socialist Party’s candidate for President of the Republic in 2007.”Readers may like to be reminded that, the Stoa’s man is still – despite media excitement around rival contender Ségolène Royal, and despite our period of silence on the subject since January – very much in the race.

“He even has his own website, complete with regular podcasts! And although I lack the appropriate technology to listen to such things, it would appear from the title that the following effort will be of particular interest to Stoa readers in the UK: Pour gagner en 2007, la gauche ne peut pas prendre pour modèle Tony Blair.”

I’d rather taken my eye of the bald-headed éléphant, so it’s good to have an update.

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