Tim Collins Speaks!

It’s been a frustrating year for Tim Collins Watching over here at the Virtual Stoa. He’s kept a very low profile since the voters of the South Lakes area decided that they’d rather not be represented by him in Parliament, thank you very much, and I’ve basically had no idea what, if anything, he’s been doing with himself since then.

Now there’s a chap called Tim Montgomerie, who thinks more highly of Iain Duncan Smith than most people do, and who runs the Conservative Home blog. He’s been performing a service to the nation by publishing the names of people on Mr Cameron’s A-List of priority Tory candidates for parliament, names that, apparently, Tory Central Office would prefer be kept secret.

There was general rejoicing, obviously at the inclusion of Tim Collins on the A-List (an A-List without TC x-MP CBE would naturally discredit itself). But even more excitingly, he’s also posted a long, long comment the same page, explaining why he thinks he lost: tactical voting, “big money”, postal voting anomalies and statistical fluke. And let’s hope this is just the start of his career of blog-commenting.

UPDATE [6.40pm]: On reflection, I think the title of this post should have been, Tim Collins: I Blame Quakers.

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