Quote of the Day

Ruth Kelly, over here: “I firmly believe in equality and that everyone should be free of discrimination and I will fight to the end to make sure that’s the case.”

“Fighting to the end” apparently includes failing to turn up to parliamentary votes on an equal age of consent for gay men, on the civil partnership legislation, on repealing clause 28, and so on, and it’s all OK because, in some more of Ruth Kelly’s words, “Everybody is entitled to express their views in free votes on matters of conscience.”

Ruth Kelly is now minister for women, and her “communities” department also covers wider equality issues.

(Actually, I’m not sure these were free votes; I think they were whipped votes, but where the whips indicated that it was sort-of OK to plead conscientious objection and stay away, so I don’t think Kelly is quite right here. But perhaps someone who pays more attention than I do can clarify.)

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