Just for reference, I’m posting a few links to other posts that appeared in the Enlightenment wars over the last week or so, to add to the ones I mentioned below.

Chris Dillow made the unusual move of taking Madeleine Bunting’s question about models of rationality seriously, and offered a MacIntyre-inflected response. Bunting herself posted a follow-up here, accurately noting that my friend Jon Wilson’s comment was one of the smarter ones posted on the various Guardian threads (go here and ctrl-F on “jonewilson”).

Four posts that suggested that I’d missed the point somewhat are here (from a muscular liberal), here (from a non-muscular liberal), here (from a muscular non-liberal) and here (from a non-muscular non-liberal), all of which tend to converge on the idea that this isn’t really an argument about the eighteenth-century Enlightenment at all.

And if I’ve missed any more good links, please pop them in the comments.

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