I went out of my way to read the Daily Mail today, what with all the fun of the Two Shags story, and it’s all about trousers, isn’t it? The big Mail piece about Pauline Prescott dwelt lovingly on the leopard-print trousers she used to wear, once upon a time, and ended by saying (something like; I paraphrase from memory) that John Prescott was now throwing all of this away for a pair of red leather trousers.


Virtual Stoa readers attending the Tribeca Film Festival (I’m sure there are thousands) may have seen me last night in a documentary about students at Oxford who spend their time boxing. I’m told that I featured in one shot saying that one of my students “said I could go and watch him get his face smashed in, but it was short notice and I was busy… I usually am…”. Anyway, the film’s over here, and I’m told it’s being shown again some time.

TKB (Enkidu Easter Edition)

Three pictures of Enkidu, for Easter Sunday.




You might conclude from the photographic evidence that he hasn’t moved much in the last couple of weeks (scroll down). He has, in fact, been out and about quite a bit recently, as the weather gets better, and I met him in the street for the first time last week, while returning from the pub.