A Warning to the New Reader

During the last few months, some 10,000 readers have changed to the Manchester Guardian. This is agreeable to us, and encouraging. But are we in danger of becoming ‘a successful’ newspaper, with all the failings that this word implies?

We hope not, and we think not. These new readers must take us as they find us. They are intelligent people. They will hardly expect the Manchester Guardian to dance to their tune, or to tremble lest occasionally a point of view conflicts with theirs. The Manchester Guardian is an outspoken newspaper, which takes its mission seriously (although never solemnly!)

A newspaper is an important influence in the life of the regular reader. Let that newspaper, then, be the best that, in this fallible world, fallible men can produce. The Manchester Guardian can make no higher claim than that it does its best to respect the truth, the English language, and the reader. You may find that this is exactly what you want.

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