Now You Know You’ll Never Be Abandoned

Ian Samson is great fun on the subject of Johnny Cash in this week’s LRB. And this bit made me laugh:

In his autobiography he recalls an incident backstage when June offered to iron his shirt: “I jerked off the shirt and threw it to her. She ironed it, and I went on stage in a nicely pressed shirt. Thus began her lifelong dedication to cleaning me up, and my lifelong acceptance of that mission.” Never mind Lives of the Saints; the esteem and assurance of heaven should surely go to the wives of the saints: the list of angelic long-suffering wives, if not endless, is certainly extensive, and June Carter had a headstart on most of them as she’d already been married twice, and she played autoharp.

Oh, and there’s also this [via, oddly enough]. I wonder if they’ll be any good.

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