Browne’s Guide to Purging Political Correctness, #7

“Don’t feel guilty for something you weren’t responsible for: if you weren’t responsible for it, you can’t be guilty. Visiting the sins of the fathers on the sons is a contravention of the UN Convention on Human Rights.”

Not much reason to think that Browne hasn’t purged himself of this tendency. Though here’s a thing. Browne argues that the politically correct believe that “African poverty is not the fault of African despots” and implies that we shouldn’t write off debts to African countries — even though many of those debts were incurred by despots, and are now being paid off through the labour of a generation of Africans who were not responsible for them. So Browne’s principles give him the chance to invoke the concept of “odious debt” and argue that such debts are morally unenforceable. Does he? He has this to say, instead: “No country has risen out of poverty by means of aid and cancelled debts”, he writes. Rather, countries escape poverty by “their own efforts”. (p.20)

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