Browne’s Guide to Purging Political Correctness, #5

“Feel compassion for ‘victims’, but don’t defer to them. If their victimhood is self-inflicted, deferring to them will only entrench their victimhood, rather than help them.”

We might not think that Browne would have much chance to defer to victims in a think-tank pamphlet like this. Although if we return to the passage from p.10 quoted below, and put the ellipsis back in, we not only get an illiterate sentence (don’t they have sub-editors at Civitas?), but we get a sentence that really does seem to be inviting us to defer to the opinions and indeed emotions of the victims of atrocity:

“After a few days, the coverage of the terrorist attack was obliterated by saturation coverage of the accidental police killing, much to the anger of relatives of the London bombings. The reason was simply that the terrorist attacks, although a far more important story, didn’t fit the politically correct agenda.” (p.10, my emphasis)

Should we have deferred to that anger, or not? I think we have to leave this one open.

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