TKB (Wednesday edition)

Here’s Enkidu, yesterday, exploring a bag containing a Christmas present:

Now for more recent feline activity. A stripy green mouse has been tied to one of the stairs. Kittens investigate:

Notice in the picture below how well Andromache’s fur is growing back after last week’s operation (her stitches will come out next week):

Not sure what Enkidu’s doing here: it may be an attempt at some kind of outflanking manoeuvre.

UPDATE [9pm, 29.12.2005]: Andromache has worked out that if she stands on the stair, she can haul up the mouse along its cord, in order to gain possession. She is not being helped, however, by Enkidu, who is sitting a couple of steps further down, and who repeatedly knocks it back down again as soon as it comes within reach of his outstretched paw.

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