TKB (Wednesday edition)

Here’s Enkidu (now minus testicles), settling down a few minutes ago in the cardboard box in the corner of the room where I’ve been working this afternoon. Careful observers will notice (in addition to various books published by C.U.P., the copy of last year’s Wisden, the broken lampshade and the bottle of Marsala, yum) the large document directly above his head, which is the full text of Judge Jones beating up on the partisans of Intelligent Design, which I’m looking forward to reading over a curry or equivalent in the not too distant future.

UPDATE [9pm]: It’s Enkidu Evening here at the Virtual Stoa. So first of all he comes back into my office (well, the room where I’ve got a lot of books and a plank of wood that serves as a desk) and finds a way of settling down that doesn’t actually get in my way:

Then he poses for photographs:

Then he gets back into his box, but this time he tries (unsuccessfully) to eat it (notice the teeth marks):

Then he’s off again, probably to settle down on the sofa downstairs.

UPDATE [9.15pm]: Hmm, actually the teeth-marks are visible in the first picture, too, so maybe he’s been trying to eat the box for a while, but never shamelessly in front of me before as a moment ago.

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