Story that Reflects Badly on the Royal Family of the Year

It’s probably got to be the Harry the Nazi kerfuffle from back in January. Nothing quite as funny as Prince Charles’s views on education, I think, in 2005, but Harry dressing as a Nazi isn’t bad.

The story also produced this gem, from the mother of someone called Guy Pelly, who is apparently a friend of Prince Harry’s, which ought to win some award or other for crass stupidity:

“It certainly wasn’t disrespectful to dress as the Queen. No more than it would be disrespectful for a white man to dress as a black man. I myself went as a penguin. And you could argue that it was a good thing Harry wore that costume. After all it highlighted the whole debate about Auschwitz � and that’s a positive thing, surely.”

But if there were other Stories that Reflect Badly on the Royal Family in the year about to end, please remind me what they were in comments below.

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