Can some friendly Lib-Dem-supporting VS-reader please explain in words of a few syllables what all this Charles Kennedy stuff is really about?

I heard some idiot on The World At One explaining that the problem with CK was that no-one could really imagine him as PM, which is true. But it’s clearly not at the root of the current flap, as there’s no Lib Dem whom anybody could begin to imagine as PM, and for lots of reasons. So, as I say, if some passing Lib Dem could explain what’s going on, that will save me from having to spend more time than I should like with tomorrow’s papers.

I mean, I assume he’s doomed, but quite who’s wielding the knife / axe [delete as applicable] isn’t yet clear.

Is the key point that some faction among the Lib Dems decided that putsching Kennedy won’t necessarily lead to a Simon Hughes leadership (which might require emigration to avoid)?

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