Shows of the Year

I’ve been to the theatre even less often than I’ve been to the cinema this year, but the two outstanding shows this year for me were both called Don Carlos. We saw Derek Jacobi in Schiller’s play in the middle of the year in London, which was splendid (costumes, acting, production, play); and we saw the Welsh National Opera’s production of Verdi’s epic opera towards its end in Oxford, which had one or two medium-sized problems (not enough subtlety on the part of the chap singing Philip in particular), but which was a thoroughly worthwhile production of a very difficult piece — and they made – in my opinion – all the right choices, with the five-act ever-so-slightly-trimmed-down French version, and the more brutal finale at the end. What did we miss (theatre and opera, please; concerts and other kinds of music will follow in a separate post)?

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