TKB (Saturday Edition)

Enkidu still continues to be a bit of a cause for concern: we took him in to chat to our new vet yesterday afternoon after the triple combination of (i) a bit of a limp on his previously-broken paw showing itself from time to time, (ii) a spot of bowel trouble a couple of days ago, and (iii) evidence of his first proper fight, in the form of a nasty-looking cut around the edge of his mouth. It was a very helpful chat, and he had a shot of antibiotics to help with the infection around his mouth, and he’s already looking much happier after spending most of today indoors.

Enkidu even sat in his new cat-bed earlier this afternoon, but when I popped upstairs to grab the camera, he hopped out again, and sat on the back of the sofa, where you can see him here:

Andromache, on the other hand, continues to generate no animal husbandry problems at all. Here she is, flexing her claws up in the attic:

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