TKB (Sunday edition, without pics)

One of the things we did in San Francisco was visit Best in Show, a few blocks away from where we were staying in the Castro. It’s an excellent pet shop. And we bought something that looks a bit like this, but in the purple colour (to match our sofa; scroll down), as our cats didn’t have a bed of their own.

(Well, they did have a nasty cheap one which I bought back in July, but Enkidu decided early on that it was a latrine, back in the days when his digestive system wasn’t entirely in working order, and we ended up throwing it out, unlamented by all.)

So the question for the cat psychologists out there is this: how do you induce kittens to start using their lovely new bed, imported all the way from California, instead of their usual sleeping places (at the top of the stairs, on top of my head, wherever)?

Andromache will occasionally rest in it for a few minutes when she’s placed in it; Enkidu just marches off immediately if we put him in it. I know several Cat Experts read this site, so any advice gratefully received.

(We did think about putting some catnip in it, but my guess is that that would overstimulate them just when you want them to be feeling calm and relaxed.)

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