Dead Socialist Watch, #174

George Bernard Shaw, Fabian socialist; born 26 July 1856, died 2 November 1950.

“Most people will tell you that Communism is known in this country only as a visionary project advocated by a handful of admirable cranks. Then they will stroll off across the common bridge, across the common embankment, by the light of the common street lamp shining alike on the just and the unjust, up the common street, and into the common Trafalgar Square, where on the smallest hint on their part that Communism is to be tolerated for an instant in a civilized country, they will be handily bludgeoned by the common policeman, and hauled off to the common gaol.”

That’s from “The Impossibility of Anarchism”, a talk from 1891,
published in Socialism and Individualism, 1911, p.42.

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