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Kieran Healy started a discussion of Library Thing over at Crooked Timber yesterday, which I’ve found to be a tremendous facility. And, quite by chance, Kieran’s post was well timed, appearing just when I’d pretty much finished the basic catalogue of 1,930 items, with ten years worth of boring Fabian Society pamphlets being the last big thing to do. (Three of them, excitingly, by Paul “The Thinker” Richards! And two of them by Pollard!)

I’ve wanted to produce a catalogue of my books for a while now, because I’m that kind of person; and this website got going at exactly the right time for me, just after I’d moved all my books from one office to another at the end of the summer vacation, bringing a lot of them home to sit on some new bookshelves (the shelves that Andromache’s sitting on here), and they still need a great deal of sorting out in both places. I’m also going to have quite a bit less money for buying books in the months to come, for various reasons, than I’ve had over the last few years, and so this is a good time to think more about what I already own, and to read some of the titles which, inexplicably, I’ve never got around to reading up till now…

I’ve stuck the LibraryThing blogwidget (that’s a good word) down on the sidebar (scroll down), because that’s quite fun.

And now — how best to catalogue the journals…?

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