You didn’t think I’d stay away for long? Last week’s instalment was written when we were all feeling quite gloomy — we’d just got the news that Enkidu would have to spend at least four weeks in our attic with a big bandage on his leg and a stupid plastic cone of a collar. He’s only five months old (today!), and it seemed like an intolerably long time for such a young animal to be so constricted and confined. Well — one week on, and he seems to be doing fine. He likes company, but doesn’t mind whether it comes from me or from Josephine or from Andromache, so we’re taking it in turns to sleep in the attic with him, to combat loneliness and despondency. And he’s developed a tremendous new mode of self-expression: when he wants companionship, isn’t getting it, and thinks there’s someone in the house, he thumps on the door repeatedly with his bandaged leg, which makes a terrific racket in a house where noise carries easily. And what we know, that he probably doesn’t, is that quite soon he’ll have a functioning paw, and can go back to being fully mobile again.

Anyway: here’s a picture of a kitten-with-a-bandage. I removed the cone-collar for the photoshoot, as it’s too undignified, but the bandage isn’t so bad at all:

Andromache, on the other hand, goes from strength to strength. She managed to switch off my laptop last week, which I thought very clever: an initial lunge for the keyboard hit the power button, leading to the “Do you want your computer to shut down?” dialogue box to appear, and a second lunge managed to connect with “enter” at exactly the right moment. And here she is, at long last, up a tree…

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