Dual-Use Stadia

The BBC TMS commentators are chatting away about how the Oval was once kitted out as a prisoner-of-war camp (though never actually used as one). The New Orleans Superdome and the Houston Astrodome have recently been used for disaster-relief. General Pinochet found alternative uses for the Santiago national stadium, the Taliban used to hold public executions at the Kabul football stadium, and the French police used the V�lodrome d’Hiver for the mass round-up of Jews for deportation in July 1942.

Please post other examples of historically interesting, important or disturbing uses of sports facilities in the comments.

The Mind Boggles

Someone has just visited the VS after searching for “melanie phillips stoicism”…

… In other Stoic-related news, I’ve just started reading philosophy professor and occasional blog commenter Tad Brennan’s new book The Stoic Life, and I think it’s going to be really very good indeed.

(I’ll hold off deciding whether it’s splendid until I’ve made it through to the end.)

P.S. Google gives 425 records for “melanie phillips stoicism”, but an impressive 29,700 for “melanie phillips barking”. But then the proof of how misleading these things can be comes with the further stat that “melanie phillips sensible” garners a whopping 55,700.

Thursday Kitten Blogging

This week’s drama (and source of anxiety) has been the kittens’ first forays into the outside world. I wanted to get a picture of Andromache up a tree, as she’s quite the tree-climber, but when I was in the garden with the camera, they were just messing around on the lawn.

(I also wanted to get a picture of the Sinclair C5 that somebody parked on the roof of a car around the corner, but it had disappeared by the time I showed up to take the pic.)

Here’s Andromache, then, in the open air:

And Enkidu is on the prowl: