My brother Michael will be on Radio Three’s Night Waves tonight at 9.30pm talking about a Russian film that everyone’s talking about, apparently. Tune in, and help to treble the usual audience for late-night worthy talk-radio arts programming.

Overseas viewers — you can get it on the web for the next week or so.

He’s trying to persuade me to listen by telling me that the previous item will have something to do with Rousseau. I’m persuaded.

Sealions in the News

Over here, with a very fine photograph.

UPDATE [11.30pm]: This is almost too exciting: from the Daily Pilot:

NEWPORT BEACH — The harbor commission voted Wednesday to suspend the mooring permit for a barge used to raise white sea bass in Newport Harbor.During the same meeting, the board voted to move forward with new rules designed to discourage sea lions from living in the harbor. The commission considered ordinances that would make it illegal to feed wild animals, such as sea lions and to discard items, especially fish remains, into the harbor.

Harbor resources supervisor Chris Miller said the commission favored additional provisions to the rules pertaining to fishing vessels. Harbor commissioners Tim Collins, Seymour Beek and Ralph Rodheim are set to meet next week to fine tune the ordinances before they are considered by the City Council…

I was wondering whether he’d get a proper job.

Thursday Kitten Blogging

I like living with kittens. Like many of the finest things, they make life more serious and more frivolous at the same time, which is a tremendous double-action. Anyway: here’s Andromache, taking an interest in books:

And here’s Enkidu, lord of all he surveys, thinking about whether to learn a major European language:

I’m still hoping to get a good Andromache-up-a-tree photo, but it’s raining outside, and I don’t want to get wet.

Only in Boston?

The post below reminds me on an encounter I had almost exactly ten years ago, shortly after moving to the US. I was sitting on the T in Boston reading a copy of the Federalist, and a man in a hat turned and said to me, “Federalist Ten, Madison on faction — that’s my favourite,” and I thought what a great republic this is, where people exchange the numbers of their favourite Federalist Papers on the subway.