The Stone That The Builder Refused

Why have I not heard of the Cornerstone group before? They sound like splendid nutjobs. Is there a membership list anywhere?

UPDATE [3pm]: In answer to the last question, yes, there is! (Thanks, Mike, in the comments.) A pdf available through Edward Leigh’s website names the “supporters” of Cornerstone as Tory MPs Brian Binley, Peter Bone, Julian Brazier, Douglas Carswell, William Cash, Christopher Chope, Robert Goodwill, John Hayes, Edward Leigh, Ian Liddell-Grainger, Owen Patterson, Andrew Rosindell, Lee Scott, Andrew Selous, Desmond Swayne and Angela Watkinson. I don’t know much about aby of these, except I vaguely remember that Cash and Leigh are odious, and that Rosindell’s got a nasty dog and very right-wing opinions indeed, but if anyone’s got anything to say about any of the others, do fire away in the comments.

UPDATE [6.45pm]: It’s too exciting: there’s a Cornerstone blog, which has an even longer list of supporters down the right-hand side. IDS! Gerald Howarth! Definitely one to watch, and to giggle over. And people seem to be muttering about the possibility of Edward Leigh challenging for the leadership, which is even more comic than the prospect of Liam Fox leading HM’s LO.

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