My Goodness

Around the same time that we acquired two small kittens, we also decided that would get a daily newspaper delivered, too, and after discussions, we settled on Le Monde. On the whole, it’s been a good read, surprising me from time to time with in-depth features on, for example, Tom Jones’s Sex Bomb, and with far more coverage of Martinique, French Canada and parts of North Africa than you tend to get in the UK papers. The great lack is that there hasn’t been much on the Ashes this Summer, which you would have thought any major journal of record would have wanted to cover at some length. But no, nothing — until today’s paper (or, rather, the paper with today’s date on it, that was published in Paris around lunchtime yesterday). Now, on the front page we can read about the “exploits d’Andrew Flintoff, star de la batte, qui a chassé le footballeur David Beckham de son pédestal” or Kevin Pietersen, with his “tatouage sur le biceps des trois lions de l’équipe d’Angleterre”, and learn important details about the game, such as the fact that a wicket is “une sorte de trépied”, which isn’t how I’ve ever really thought of it, but I suppose it makes sense. It’s all very fine, except for this detail: cricket, we are told, is a game “proche du base-ball”. Grr.

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