If any Virtual Stoa reader would like to get hold of a pretty extensive run of the fine US leftwing journal Monthly Review (Paul Sweezy et al eds.), please email me. The period covered is 1969-1994 or so, with a couple of missing years along the way. All issues in good condition, virtually unmarked, except for library stamps and “cancelled” stamps on the covers, or just inside, that kind of thing. Around 250 issues in all.

(Why do I have this? The university’s been getting rid of duplicate runs of journals in the social sciences as it amalgamates some of its library holdings; I put in a request for the old copies of MR, and they ended up sending me both duplicate sets by mistake. If I return the ones I don’t need, they’ll just be put on the skip. So I thought I’d try and get rid of them this way.)

(If you’re the lucky reicipient, then it’s up to you to arrange collection from me, which may not be possible any time soon, as I’m leaving the country tomorrow morning, and won’t be back until 24 July. So be patient.)

UPDATE [3.30pm]: Freebie offer over. They’ve been claimed.