A Challenge to Scouting:

Episode Three

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The fourth type of people who challenge our ideals are the Communists, and they are by far the most dangerous. We will presently examine, step by step, the way in which Communism denies all that we stand for, and is out to destroy it.

But first let us dispose of the plausible argument that by opposing Communism we are indulging in party politics. It is true that in a country like Great Britain the Communists put up candidates for Parliament and in our free system are allowed to do so. But it must be obvious, from what has happened in Russia and in the countries dominated by her, that once the Communist party becomes powerful enough they destroy all parliamentary institutions as known to democracy, and refuse to allow any party but their own. The same would happen here if the Communists gain control.

Whatever may be the idealistic theories of Communism, we can see how it works in Russia and the countries dominated by Russia. It may well be argued that the Russian system has ceased to be Communism as Marx understood it, but that system is called Communism today, and it is that system which is being imposed by the Cominform wherever it has the power to do so.

Let us not forget also, that wherever Communists gain control, the Scout and Guide Movements are suppressed. The Communists themselves realise that Scouting and Guiding cannot be reconciled with Communist beliefs. In Czechoslovakia, Poland, Hungary and other countries our brothers and sisters are forbidden to carry on their Scouting and Guiding, and are terribly punished if they are caught continuing to do so. That alone should make our members sure they can have nothing to do with Communism.

Moreover, until Communism has gained control it has followed a policy of infiltration into youth movements, and we should be on our guard.

Coming soon: Communism on the Scout Promise and Law.

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