TwentyTwenty Cricket

I haven’t really been paying attention to this, either (and I’ve never been to a match), but when I first heard about this, I thought it sounded like a good thing, and the first England vs Australia match of the Summer is being piped through the radio behind me and sounds quite fun (especially since three four Australians have just been dismissed in the last three four minutes or so, and any form of cricket in which you can dismiss three four Australians in three four minutes would seem to have something important going for it. So if more knowledgeable people could tell me whether 20/20 is any good or not, or whether it’s just the usual one-day crappiness and that I’m letting optimism trump good judgment (again), that’d be useful.

UPDATE [9pm] Hmm. These Australians don’t seem to be very good at this, do they?

UPDATE [16.6.2005]: And there’s more.

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