Unnatural Practices

It’s strangely satisfying to learn that while I was sitting in the Bodleian Library this afternoon reading James Tyrrell’s 1693 Brief Disquisition of the Law of Nature (very dull) and Samuel Parker’s 1681 Demonstration of the Divine Authority of the Law of Nature and of the Christian Religion (much more interesting), the usual suspects were discussing natural law theory over at Harry’s (David T isn’t a fan).

Well, I was reading in the English, Protestant, slightly-voluntarist, late-seventeenth-century variety of natural law theory, whereas the discussion over there, when it isn’t about gay marriage, is about the transformation of more straightforwardly Thomist theory at the hands of people like Finnis, Glendon, and B-16. But that’s close enough for the World of Blogs.

If people want to carry on organising their blog discussions around what I’m reading, tomorrow would be a good day for an argument about the changing character of Dutch republicanism in the middle of the seventeenth century, as I work through the second half of Blom’s book (see below). Good luck!

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