So I’m sitting at home dealing with an email backlog, and the Test Match isn’t very good, but I still want it on anyway, because I’m like that, but we don’t seem to be getting Sky Sports through our telly cable thingy anymore, so I have Radio Five Live coming through the telly, and it turns out that if you have the Radio Five Live coverage you don’t get the interruptions for the Shipping Forecast (which is only on Radio Four Longwave), and have to listen to the commentators’ wittering nonsense through the drinks break.

The Shipping Forecast is one of life’s small but real pleasures, and one of the only reasons to stay Home rather than heading off to live Abroad. (Though I dare say you can get the Shipping Forecast on R4 LW in Northern France.) What have we done to be deprived of it here on Radio Five Live?

(Some of us still haven’t forgotten or forgiven about Finisterre.)

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