In an effort to kick-start the Laurent-Fabius-Watch, in which the Virtual Stoa will track its man all the way from referendum victory in 2005 to the Elysée in 2007 (or not, as the case may be), Dan sends me a summary of the latest developments in the French Press:

* Dominique Strauss-Kahn, a likely rival for the socialist nomination for President in 2007 is sticking the knife in with a suggestion in an
interview with Le Monde that Fabius should be removed from his position as no.2 in the Socialist party hierarchy.

* Meanwhile, Claude Bartolone, a Fabius sidekick, is counter-suggesting that he should be promoted to lead the PS’s preparations for 2007 — though stopping just short of calling for him to replace François Hollande as the Party’s First Secretary — according to this piece in Libération, which has the splendid phrase in it, “A troika of elephants”.

More soon, probably.

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