Too Poignant For Words

From today’s Guardian, in a piece about what happens to those who lose their seats at election time:

I had hoped to talk to Tim Collins, former shadow education spokesman and the most prominent of the Tories who lost on May 5, but he too has gone to ground. “His defeat was totally unexpected,” says a press spokesman at Conservative campaign HQ. “He has had many requests for interviews, but has declined them all.” Little wonder: Collins is 41, a politician from the cradle, living and breathing the Westminster air. He has not just lost his job; he has lost his oxygen supply.

Has Tim Collins never had a proper job? (The things I still don’t know about this enigmatic man! But, hang on, what did he get his CBE for, if not for something not-entirely-politics-related? He might not be Tim Collins CBE MP anymore, but he is still Tim Collins CBE.)There are signs at Borders bookshop in Oxford advertising a forthcoming appearance by Tim Collins, but, sadly, it’s not the Tim Collins of the Stoa, but another chap with the same name.

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