Sweet FA

Paul Anderson writes:

“Jeez! I’ve been looking for Brit blog comment on the French vote all day and there’s sweet FA from the Brit left blogs.”

Perhaps he missed posts shortly before the vote from Phil and Jamie, and posts after the result was clear came from Lenin, DML, Raj and SIAW. And if PA’s version of the left side of the World of Blogs extends to rightist maniacs like Pollard, then he’s got a bunch of idiotic posts up, too.So there’s a bit more than sweet FA. The two reasons there might be a bit less than there otherwise would have been are (i) that the result wasn’t a surprise, so anyone who had anything to say could have said it days ago and (ii) it was a Bank Holiday today, and bloggerage is always down on Bank Holidays, for reasons which might reflect badly on the work ethic of Brit Bloggers.

I’m just curious as to which blogs PA was visiting in order to draw his blanks? It’s pretty obvious that Harry’s has little interest in this kind of thing, when there’s Hitchens and Galloway to blather on about, and Matt T’s on holiday.

In any case, even if there wasn’t any comment (which there was), why is it any kind of failure if those of us who write on weblogs don’t choose to write about the same kinds of things that journalists get paid to write about? We’re interested in other things. Maybe those other things are more interesting. Maybe there really isn’t that much to say.

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