I’ve just trimmed twenty-five blogs off the blogroll — a bit more than a fifth, a bit less than a quarter — in the interests of efficiency, productivity, streamlining and other words from the lexicon of the modern manager.

On the whole, blogs were removed that (i) aren’t very interesting, (ii) seem fairly or completely defunct, (iii) used to link back to this page but don’t anymore, or (iv) can get along perfectly well without a link from me — though I’m sure that’s a non-exhaustive set of reasons.

If you think you’ve been unfairly removed and would like to stay on the blogroll, or if you think there’s someone else out there who deserves a Link from the Stoa, please remonstrate either in public (comments box) or private (email).

And if your site is still on the list, you can congratulate yourself for having survived the purge.

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