Funded by the Right

Via Brian Leiter, I read that the Olin Foundation is shutting itself down, meaning that the American Right will have to find another $20 million each year if it wants to carry on doing what it’s been doing with Olin money for the last few years.

I was a happy recipient of Olin money on two occasions, funneled through Harvard’s Program [sic] on Constitutional Government, once to take some time out to read Saint Augustine’s Confessions in Latin in the Summer of 1996, and then to go on UC Berkeley’s intensive Greek summer-school course in the Summer of 1999.

A relatively benign use of right-wing foundation money, it seems to me.

(Although the Liberty Fund’s Natural Law and Enlightenment Classics series is probably even more benign than that, making cheap editions of Hugo Grotius, Nathaniel Culverwell, Gershom Carmichael and others available to a mass audience at the turn of the twenty-first century…)

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