Also to Dan in Paris, who has just sent me a copy of Fabius: Les brûlures d’une ambition by Jean-Gabriel Fredet. He writes on the accompanying postcard:

“I came across this in a 2nd hand bookshop and thought you would appreciate it! Now that that other iconic figure Tim Collins has had his political career abruptly terminated, you can turn your attention to following Fabius’ bid for the presidency in 2007! (But you may not have long… I am reliably informed that if there is a “Yes” vote in the referendum on 29 May his career will be over, having gambled everything on the “No” campaign.)”

The deep background to this, which Dan knows, is that I once sat next to M. Fabius at an event in Paris when I was an undergraduate, and very good company he was, too. (A glance at an old diary says 29 April 1994.) But I don’t know, Dan: would it be wise, so soon after Mr Collins crashes and burns, to translate my affections so quickly back to this old flame, Fabius? (Brûlures, indeed.) Does the world of blogs really need a Laurent-Fabius-Watch, anyway?

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