Living Like Royalty

I’ve just received my first ever royalty cheque through the post. Well, it’s American, so it’s a check, rather than a cheque, but it’s still a royalty, apparently, even though America’s a Republic.

When I submitted my PhD to Harvard, a copy went off to the “ProQuest” people in Ann Arbor, Michigan, who keep copies of just about every US PhD that exists, and apparently enough people (ten of them, to be precise) have shelled out good money for copies of my MS — which I have always been happy to distribute for free to anyone who asks — that it’s generated a royalty payment for 2004 of $12.11. Riches beyond the dreams of avarice.

Well, not really. I don’t have a US bank account any more, so a cheque check for $12.11 isn’t an especially valuable thing to have. And the dollar’s comically weak right now, which is good for Christmas shopping Over There, but less good for living off US royalties from a PhD…

(I only wrote it for the money, of course.)

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