Give MRSA to Lesbians

That’s a policy from the Tory Policy Generator, but this is a quote from Martin Pugh’s new book, Hurrah for the Blackshirts: Fascists and Fascism in Britain Between the Wars, discussing the House of Commons’ 1921 debate on the Criminal Law Amendment Act:

Members took it for granted that lesbianism was a psychological disorder and Lieutenant Colonel Moore-Brabazon suggested: “There are only three ways of dealing with these perverts. The first is the death sentence… The second is to look upon them as frankly lunatics and lock them up for the rest of their lives… The thid way is to leave them entirely alone, not notice them, not advertise them.”

I didn’t know, though I should have known, that one of Britain’s leading fascists in the 1920s was the transvestite lesbian, Valerie Arkell-Smith, aka ‘Colonel Barker’. It’s a good book.

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