Last Call

For voting at the Virtual Stoa. The polls will close here at 7am tomorrow morning when the polls open around the country, and I’ll post the final results some time tomorrow, in between hanging around at polling booths copying down people’s polling numbers or whatever it is that tellers do these days. To vote, as ever, just send in details of who you are, the party you’ll be voting for, the candidate and the constituency you’ll be voting in, and any other reasons or snippets of political opinion you want to share with us along the way.

Well, here’s how it’s standing so far:

Labour: Nineteen
Lib Dems: Eleven
Undecided: Four
Greens: Three
Tory: One
Legalise Cannabis: One
Spoil Ballot Paper: One

Will the SNP, SSP, Northern Irish parties, BNP or Respect Coalition manage to scrape one vote between them? Will anyone else apart from Peter the Great declare for the Conservatives? And will our four undecideds make up their mind in time, and, if so, will they tell us about it?

There’s Steve in Dulwich & West Norwood, who was hesitating between the Lib Dems and the Greens; Early Modern Sharon in Ceredigion, who might just become the sole Plaid Cymru voter in this unique survey of political opinion; Ken, here in OxWAb, who believes that all the candidates are crap, even though at least one of them isn’t; and, most dramatically of all, there’s Annie in Bethnal Green and Bow, who’s deciding which candidate she’s going to vote for who isn’t George Galloway.

Good luck to all four of you, and for everyone else tomorrow who’s casting a vote for anybody worth electing to Parliament. (I think there are some out there.) This should be fun.

(Elections should be fun.)

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